Sometimes you have to do loopy things

Aj vy niekedy urobíte niečo bezhlavo? Nikdy neviete, čo od daného rozhodnutia čakať, ale niekedy sa to oplatí.Uvidíme, aké bude mať dôsledky to moje rozhodnutie.
Ide zima, ide mráz, keď som si zobrala tieto /inak skvelé/ silonky, tak som myslela, že je so mnou koniec, ale mala som na sebe aj také ultra sexy body, ktoré tu až tak veľmi nevidno, možno nabudúce ich uvidíte aj celé.
Zajtra je pondelok- hrozné!

E: Do you sometimes do something without thinking?I am sure you do. You never know what you can expect from that previous decision, but from time to time it worth trying.I will see what will happen with that mine.
Winter/not autumn/ is coming and when I put on these tights/btw they are great!/, I thought that I would freeze.I also wore one ultra hot bodysuit that you can not see very well here, maybe next time/sorry it was so cold/
Tomorrow it is Monday! Horrible!


  1. uplne uzasne silonky!
    Inak môj blog práve oslavuje tretie výročie tak ťa pozývam na úplne prvú giveaway! http://biancaprincipessa.blogspot.sk/2012/10/prva-giveaway.html

  2. Great blog! I'd love it if you could come and visit and blog and maybe follow each other?
    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  3. I can see a little peek of that bodysuit and it does look hot! I love the sheer panels on tops like that. It shows enough skin, but not too much. I love your leather jacket too! Purple is such a fun color. <3


  4. those printed tights definitely make the outfit for me!
    brooke @ what2wear

  5. vyzeráš super :) a máš užasný blog, ďakujem za príjemný komentár :) *sledujem blog*

  6. Nice layering! Such an unusual colour jacket too, it looks lovely with your dark hair.

  7. Love the layering!
    And these tights are so cool!


  8. awesome jacket dear! you look so stunning! <3

    Letters To Juliet